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Hay For My Ox and other stories
Cradle of a Healthy Life: Early Childhood and the Whole of Life
Lisa and the Lacemaker
All Year Round
Free to Learn: Introducing Steiner-Waldorf Early Years Education
Diaper Free! the Gentle Wisdom of Infant Natural Hygiene - How to Keep your Baby dry, clean and happy without diapers (nappies).
Storytelling with Children
Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does! William James




I trust that you'll see the upgrade happening, as it happens!

Very exciting for us.


In the Calendar below, BLUE lettering indicates that the fixture is confirmed
January 2017 15th - Book Stall at EARLY CHILDHOOD TEACHERS INTENSIVE Until Friday 20th January at SAMFORD VALLEY STEINER SCHOOL Narrawa Drive WIGHTS MOUNTAIN near Samford 4520

February 2017 7th - Book Stall (Set up Monday 6th February WILD CHERRY STEINER SCHOOL 28 McKeen Street BAIRNSDALE Vic 3875

10th - Book Stall MANSFIELD STEINER SCHOOL Highett Road MANSFIELD Vic 3724

16th - Book Stall. Set up 15 February LITTLE YARRA STEINER SCHOOL Main Administration Building, YARRA JUNCTION Vic 3797

21st - Book Stall. Set up 20 February ARMIDALE WALDORF SCHOOL Administration Building, Rockdale Road ARMIDALE NSW 2350

March 2017 10th - Book Stall at LEARNING SUPPORT TEACHERS INTENSIVE Until Sunday 12th March at SAMFORD VALLEY STEINER SCHOOL Narrawa Drive WIGHTS MOUNTAIN near Samford 4520

April 2017 5th - NATIONAL HOCKEY TOURNAMENT U15 Girls - until Good Friday MOORE PARK NSW 2021

May 2017 5th - DISTRICT CONFERENCE Until Sunday 7th May Ballina RSL for Rotary District 9640

June 2017  
July 2017 13th - Book Shop at IPMT from 13-20 July Emmanuel College UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND St Lucia Qld 4067

August 2017  
September 2017  

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