steiner books
Until Further Notice these titles carry 20% discounts
Seven Year Old Wonder Book
Myths of the World
African and Caribbean Celebrations: Festival Series
Al-Kemi: A Memoir - Hermetic, Occult, Political, and Private Aspects of R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz
Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz Anno 1459
Naked Chef
Emergency Kits
Wedding Photography Vancouver
Queensland Teacher Professional Development
  Jonathan Anstock conducts Teacher Professional Development Seminars from the Sunshine Coast

Pinchgut Press
  Pinchgut Press was the original publisher of Anne Spencer Parry's books and is the publisher of Marjorie Pizer;s books. We hope the co-operate with Pinchgut on getting the reminder of Anne Spencer Parry's books back into print.

One of our close friends in the business
  Michaelmas Press was actually the small press which inspired us to go into publishing. All of their products can be found on our web-site, and this link is direct to them.

The definitive Waldorf Fonts site
  This site gives, for the sum of 30 Euroes, eleven Waldorf fonts for use with Macintosh.

Preferred Database and Programming consultants
  Internet and intranet distributed database and client-server specialists. Home of the famous exhalt Cork search engine optimising technology.

Home Schooling HQ
  This is mainly USA with a bit of other parts of the world. But the resources here are excellent.

A site for the Steiner Schools of Australia
  This site gives a round view of the Steiner (Wladorf) education world in Australia. Of particular interest is the SITS VAC (jobs in schools) page. This is a splendid site for reading all the gossip around the schools.

Rudolf Steiner e.Links
  Summaries of Rudolf Steiner's books translated from the original German to English, a catalogue of Steiner's holdings, a chronological listing of Steiner's lectures (over 6000), and most of his books, in German and English, and hundreds of lectures, articles and essays.

Honeybee Toys: a great Steiner-based resource
  This is a store specialising in Steiner-inspired soft and wooden toys, and now operating on-line as well as through their physical store. They are in the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

World Wide Anthroposophy
  A web guide for Anthroposophy and anthroposophists worldwide. The authors have gone to a lot of troublke on this and it's invaluable.

Anthroposophic Training Initiative for the teachings of Liane Collot d'Herbois
  As we would expect of any site of this type and with these leanings, this is a visually beautiful site, and is recommended for anybody with a keen interest in art and the use of colour.


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